Tuesday, August 3, 2010

really, NEDA?

I normally have no problem with NEDA or the National Eating Disorders Association, (hey, i even went to their NYC walk last year!) and I respect their work as a central kind of force in the ED world. But the email I got today was just ridiculous.

Rachel Roy Personal Appearance & Fashion Presentation at Neiman Marcus Short Hills

Neiman Marcus, Short Hills, NJ

Bunny Johnson
Vice President and General Manager, Neiman Marcus,Short Hills
Deborah Q. Belfatto
Board of Directors, National Eating Disorders Association
Dress FormInvite you to join us for cocktails and a benefit fashion presentation, as designer RACHEL ROY presents herRachel Roy New York and Rachel Roy Signature Collections for Fall 2010.
Wednesday, August 18
6:00 pm
Fine Apparel, Level Three, Neiman Marcus
1200 Morris Turnpike
Short Hills, NJ 07078
Tickets are $75.00. All proceeds benefit NEDA.
Rachel Roy’s collections will be available for viewing following the event and on Thursday, August 19 until 4 pm.

i mean, really now?
And I went to the designers website and the page that comes up is just pictures of catwalk models looking sick and angry, as per usu.

i don't even think I have to write much more to explain why I think this is ridiculous and ironic, but holding a fashion show to benefit an organization that is supposed to be fighting eating disorders?
I'm really not going to get into my two cents (or twenty-two) on what effect the media/society has on eating disorders. The media/fashion industry are not to blame for  the existence of eating disorders. Eating disorders aren't caused by any one thing. Yada yada yada. They are highly genetic but also environmental, and while our society's obsession with thinness as a virtue does play a large role in the high incidence of eating disorders (and disordered eating), it is not the "cause". This is a discussion that I could spend months writing a blog post on, but it's not the time for that now.
I just wanted to share how ludicrous I think that email I got today was.
I think it takes some serious nerve for NEDA to hold a charity fashion show. That seems to me like raising money for diabetes research/awareness by having a donut eating contest, it just doesn't make sense.


  1. Hmm, this is ironic to say the least... perhaps the actual "fashion presentation" will feature healthy women as the models, as opposed to the unhealthy-looking runway models on her site. I'm trying to give NEDA and this Rachel Roy the benefit of the doubt, but I don't know. Nonetheless I do agree that it's bad advertising. The issue of course isn't that it's a fashion show; the issue is that the designer is obviously known for using underweight models.

  2. exactly. I would love to give them the benefit of the doubt- but i do have some questions about NEDA and their real understanding/commitment to promoting health+recovery. I mean i think it would be great if they had a fashion show and used healthy individuals to show the clothes- who knows what they'll do.
    And Amanda- thanks so much for your last comment. I appreciated it so much but just was not in a place to respond at all. It was really sweet though so, thanks :)