The Girl

My name is Rose.
I live in New York City...and adore it. 
There are no good nicknames for this but if you have any ideas- I’m taking suggestions (and have been since I was five). I’m eighteen. I love milk chocolate. And Hot Chocolate. And Chocolate chip cookies. You get the idea.

<---that's a black AND white milkshake,
to be fair. ;)

Sometimes I wander around the city with my camera & coffee and just people watch. Hiding in the stacks with a pile of books taller than I am in Barnes & Noble is my all-time favorite way to spend a Saturday. That and baking. 
I started this blog as a way to document/further my recovery from an eating disorder. It pretty much saves my life most of the time and i feel so lucky to be able to share my story and life with the loads of lovely people in the blog world.
This blog is 2 percent food blog/80 percent recovery blog/ and 18 percent random rose ramblings. ( had to pause and do some math there…)
Sometimes i’ll post food pics like this
just in an attempt to make you drool, but other times i’ll just rant about my life and recovery or i’ll wax poetic about American literature or  the Apocolypse or i’ll just get bored and talk about the weather or something else lame.

since i'm only about a year (yay!) into what i deem my "real recovery" from my eating disorder, i'm still trying to figure out how to strike a balance with my eating. it's kinda messy and kinda fun. my life is an experiment and i'm cool with that. 
Sometimes i feel like this:
and will let you know it . like, really. feel free to skip over those parts.

other times i’m so in love with life that i can’t contain myself. ahem...remember this?
Either way, this is who i am, just a (kinda nutso) girl who has a fascination photography, words and pretty things and this is my blog.

I practically live to give and get hugs. I should probably open a hugging booth. Don’t come near me if you don’t want some love. I’m serious about this, people.

please, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments or if you just want to chat! email me: girlspinsmadlyon[at]gmail[dot]com
thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Rose!

    Thanks you for your comment on my woe is me post!

    I am not going anywhere I just can't blog when I am too busy feeling like crap.

    It's nice to "meet" you girl!

    Merry Christmas!