Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to Save a Life

I've never actually met this girl, Sofia. 
We've never talked face-to-face.
I only knew who she was because my friend, L told me about her.
I have to admit,  I was skeptical.
Why should I tell people to give money to a girl who they don't even know, who I don't even know and when we all don't even know for sure that this treatment we are helping to pay for is going to be effective?
I can tell you why.
First let me remind you of this:
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another.
I've spoken to Sofia on the phone a few times now.
I honestly am truly amazed at her strength, courage, and wisdom in the face of all her darkness.
Our last phone conversation was on last Saturday. I was a MESS on saturday, to say the least. 
I had b&p'd multiple times that day. I felt like shit and was beating myself up about the 'lapse', or whatever you want to call it. I was lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I called Sofia. 

Talking so Sofia reminded me of why I want to do this. It reminded me of why I want to get better.
I want to get better because nobody should have to go through the hell of an eating disorder. Period.
Beyond that though, I want to get better because I want to change this. I want to change how people are treated. How is it that someone as beautiful, loving, and deserving as Sofia has gone for this long being denied the necessary treatment, care, help she needs?
I find it outrageous. I want  to change this. 
I want to get better because I want to honestly be able to give Sofia encouragement in her recovery.
I want to be able to tell her that it will get better. I know it will. 
I want to get better because sometimes helping other people makes us feel better about ourselves, no matter what shitty situation we feel we may be in. 
I want to get better because Sofia inspires me. Her insight and openness on the phone inspired me. Her love and gratitude. Her humility and bravery inspired me. 
I want to help Sofia save her own life. 
Lets go back to the ninth-grade biology rule that I wanted to share with you: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another.
My question is this: What could be done with all the energy, the positivity, the strength, the generosity, the love that Sofia has now-still in the grips of an eating disorder....what could be done with all of this radiance when she is given the chance to get well?
I guess it's up to all of us to help find the answer. 
Please, please give to Sofia's fund or pass it on to others who might have the means to donate or to show it to more people. 
To My Dearest Sofia & all of us in Recovery, let's get better so that we can change the world, so that nobody ever has to face this darkness again, or so that when they do, we can all be there to stand by their side. 

Click here to save a life.
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  1. I hope she gets the money she needs. Its so sad money even has to be a concern with getting treatment!

    Dana xo

  2. Wow. I don’t see how anyone can read that story and not be touched.

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