Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi, I'm Rose and I'm an insomniac

this is really getting ridiculous.
I don't know which is worse: my insomnia or my procrastination?
Ugh. Okay so for my english class we read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn over the summer. (Not a book that i'm particularly fond of- but we are now reading The Great Gatsby which i love- F. Scott Fitzgerald is such a beautiful writer)
We have to write a personal essay on "an adventure that you have recently been on" to conclude our Huck Finn segment. I decided that I would write about my recovery, considering this last year has definitely been an adventure, and it's something I care about- and my personal essays are always better when I actually give a s*** about the material (aren't everybody's? Sorry, you'll have to excuse me. Note the title of this post.)  Being me, I decided I wouldn't start the essay until tonight. Maybe "decided" is too generous of a word...let's say just say "figured". Tonight rolled around and I was busy being dumb and doing nothing until 7 o'clock when I opened my computer and started writing. Very slowly. With multiple study breaks. It's probably better described as: Would you care for any studying with your break? 
Sorry bad joke. Again, note above parentheses. 
So yeah. Basically, I've written two pages of very awful, raw writing and have a long way to go along with a couple other homework assignments that I haven't done and it looks like my recently acquired inability to sleep might just come in handy tonight, unfortunately. 
Just decided i'd drop by here as a final good-bye to the internet until I finish my goddamn essay!
If it turns out at all well, i'll definitely post it here in case anyone wants to read :)

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