Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn: Neda Walk, Hot Cocoa & Comfy Sweaters

Hi Lovelies!
I hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Yesterday morning I decided to see what all the fuss was about and make myself some Oatmeal! Everyone in the blogosphere seems to be obsessed with oats, so i decided to jump on the breakfast bandwagon ;). I decided to make my own recipe which I will call Hot Chocolate Oats.

Doesn't it just LOOK delicious? It's amazing. I finally decided to try a more
natural (&more expensive! Eek!) alternative to my trademark Nutella. 

I also just wanted to share this loveliness. I had never seen a container of Fage
this big before! It's a heaven send. I mean, I literally go through the medium container in three days- so
clearly this was made just for me!

I wanted some chocolate in mine, b/c i love chocolate in EVERYTHING,
but i didn't have any plain cocoa powder, so I just used a swiss miss packet.

At one point i got worried that it was never going to cook...jeez  it is a long process! 

But no worries, eventually it worked!

And the finished product...

added some walnuts, Fage, dried blueberries & Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. YUM!

Was craving some brussel sprouts around lunchtime today...

Steamed and then grilled with some olive oil, balsamic & honey. Delicious.

Homemade turkey burger w/ chipotle sauce, fresh mozzarella
& tomato on a whole wheat sandwich thin.

One of my favorite things about autumn? The clothing! I love scarves and big comfy sweaters. I went shopping with my dad yesterday (it was supposed to be for him but he's picky and didn't get anything) I got two sweaters and a pair of shoes...

Cashmere & Cotton. The camel is from Calypso & the Grey is H& M. The grey
one was originally my dad's but I pretty much inherited it when we walked out of the store and I told him I was cold...

shoes! Note: Yes, the bottom is already filthy...I might have (shamelessly) worn them out of the store..

In Eating Disorder news...
I went to the 2nd annual NYC Neda walk today

This is when the walk finally started. It was freezing out, so I was relieved!
It was a really great event, I'm so glad I went! A lot of the speakers were really touching. Lynn Grefe, the head of NEDA spoke really well. Judy Arvin, of Someday Melissa, spoke, as she did last year only five months after her daughter died from a hard struggle with bulimia. Jenni Schaefer spoke and sang a song for us "It's okay to be happy". A few other people spoke, and I have to admit, I cried at a couple  of the stories

I caught up with some of my friends from  treatment (not the last place I was at), which was nice. I don't feel all that connected to a lot of the girls, like i was last year. Its nice to see people, but its also really great to know that I've come a long way since  I last was with them, I feel like a different person now than the person that they knew (in a very good way)  :)

Me (on the right)and my friend Sammy -who  i still see /talk to pretty often, mostly b/c
i see her in the waiting room at my dietitian's office pretty frequently ;) 

I was had a really hard day yesterday. It was so good to get out, enjoy the new October chill ( I LOVE Autumn weather- couldn't you tell?) I almost didn't go, but I'm so glad I got my butt out of bed and made myself go. I am so glad that NEDA exists and is growing and working hard to help all of us fighting this awful disease. We all deserve recovery. I need to remember that on days like yesterday, I need to fight for myself ,because there are men & women who can't any longer.

Finally, Willy wants to say hi & congratulations for getting through this monster of a post!

Excitedly licking peanut butter off of a spoon, of course!


  1. Autumn is my favorite! Or rather winter, since it doesn't really get cold until then... gotta love the South. ;)

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed the NEDA walk! I was thinking of going to the one in Williamsburg, VA (since I have friends near there), but I don't think it will work out.

    Oh, and your oats look divine! Looks perfect for a chilly morning... I'm seriously trying this... as soon as it gets cold!

    Your food choices today look divine! You seem like an awesome and creative cook, good for you!
    I'm glad you had such a good time at the NEDA Walk, it sounds incredibly inspirational and wonderful!! I wanted to go so badly, but I live far away from NYC and wouldn't have had anyone to stay with.
    I'm sorry that you had a hard day yesterday, but I'm glad the NEDA Walk lifted your spirits and reminded you that you deserve recovery and need to fight for it! <3 Keep up the great work, girl.

  3. hey girly! :)
    I am so happy i got to meet you for like a second, but you are so lovely, and i absolutely love your blog! your photos are amazing, and your oats look delicious, i may have to copy that recipe/breakfast ;) Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter is so good!

    I almost didn't go to the NEDA walk as well, and i kinda wish i didn't...i lost my best friend Julia a year ago and it was so hard to see her family and hear about all the deaths...I really hope NEDA takes some progressive actions and does something to help people who are suffering, the health care/insurance industry around ED treatment etc. really upsets me..

    I know that we all have it in us to beat this...just never give up..and always remember that recovery is possible and worth it..that's what i tried to take away from Sunday.

    oh + i love the Autumn as well and scarves and big comfy sweaters are 2 of the Many reasons why i love this season! :)


  4. I am so happy you
    1. Tried oatmeal.
    2. Shopping? Score.
    3. Had an awesome time at NEDA walk because I read some disapointing stuff about it earlier so I hope it is a matter of two-sides to every ...walk.


  5. I am so happy you
    1. Tried oatmeal.
    2. Shopping? Score.
    3. Had an awesome time at NEDA walk because I read some disapointing stuff about it earlier so I hope it is a matter of two-sides to every ...walk.