Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Writer's block

I have writer's block.
And I'm not talking about "blogging block". That's an issue for a different day.
I'm talking about actual writers block.
Writer's block that matters. As in rose doesn't write, rose in trouble kinda stuff.

It's about a research paper.
Now before you all go and close the page just from initial gut reaction that we all get when the words "research" and "paper" are used in the same sentence, let me first tell you what it's about (or what it will be about)

kinda interesting...right?

Well yeah. Its super interesting. And I'm thrilled that I get to write a paper about this and not about, say, the French Revolution or something (sorry to all you European history buffs out there)

The problem with this paper is that  there is so much stuff.
So much stuff to write about to cover to remember, that it all gets overwhelming. I hate that feeling.
It's actually quite similar to the feeling i get when I put off blogging for a while. All of a sudden there's this pit in my stomach that tells me that there is too much I'm losing track of, too many pictures backed up on my camera, and too many stories and ideas with their origins long past.

If you get a chance, I think you all should read The Beauty Myth. (or maybe you could just read my paper, it'll be much shorter)
Although it's a little (read: very) redundant at times, it's a good feminist analysis of our society and the reasons why and ways in which images of beauty are used to subordinate women in a culture that is so accustomed to male-dominance in every sphere.
Anywho, that was just a little update, I'll probably post more later this week or this weekend because i plan on fitting some baking into my procrastination schedule ;)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful read-definitely on my booklist.
    For the writer's block, try and start small. There's going to be a lot to cover, but the more focused you can get, the easier it will be to chip away at the freezing. Also, sometimes it helps to just write anything and see where it takes you.
    You're a beautiful writer, don't worry about that part!
    Good luck =)

  2. girlspinsmadlyonMay 18, 2011 at 4:32 AM

    haha thanks andy! You're too sweet

  3.  i love you :) you  can do it...one thing at a time & you'll get it covered! 
    bakinggg! I'm making 50 cupcakes this wkend mmmmmm :)

  4. gr don't know why this posted as my email address :( hope you know it's laur <3