Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Make The World Brand New

My first blog post! I'm so excited.
So, this is, i guess, a record of my journey through recovery from an eating disorder.
I've been so lucky up until now with all the support i have received. I am finally home now after spending four months in residential treatment for my bulimia and i am now determined to lead a life bulimia-free.

I always thought people were exaggerating when they said that "everyday is a struggle" during recovery.
I kind of realized (laughingly, of course) to myself today that yeah, everyday IS really a struggle.
That might just be how i'm feeling right now, since it has been a rough week, probably the hardest i've had in the month that i've been home from treatment.

Anyway, I'm determined to keep moving forward in my recovery and to do whatever it takes and since i love writing and i also love reading other's blogs, i decided today that why the hell should i not make one?!

So here i am, typing away and i will be shocked if anyone reads this- but also greatly flattered.

So here's to recovery and the long road ahead.