Friday, July 2, 2010

Brief Update

Hey all!
So, it's been a busy week here, and I've had a lot going on, so I haven't really had time to work on writing a decent post so I thought i'd just to a quick one.
To make it Simple, I think i'll write a list of things I have learned recently...
  • NYC can be nice in the summer if it's under 80 degrees
  •  Sweetbreads are amazing, even though they are

(They're kind of difficult to see here, but trust me, they're amazing! When we ordered them (in spanish) , the waiter looked at us for a minute and then asked if we were sure, that we knew what they were...YES.JEEZ.)  (;
  • Persecco is a great tasting mix of wine and champagne
  • My mother used to buy weed from some guy at the Plaza Hotel, back in the 60's
  •  allergic to lobster SUCKS
  • Chicken, Avocado, BBQ sauce and lettuce on multigrain bread makes a good quick dinner, when the rest of your family is eating lobster.
  •  Potato chips aren't THAT scary
  • 1 year old boys like to eat my food, especially when I am eating fear foods, which makes it much easier
  • The apple store is ridiculous and you have to make a reservation to get an IPad
  • The price of Marlboro's has gone up TWO DOLLARS in one week (apparently the government cares way more about my lung health than I do)
  • California has lots more colleges than just Stanford
  •  I love blog reading
  • Having a job that requires you to read in an office all day sounds great in theory, but in reality it gets you in trouble when you have a tendency to fall asleep in your chair
  • Two starbucks iced coffees in one day is WAY too much caffeine
  •  Drivers on the highway are crazy, and WILL NOT get telepathic messages that you send them to "don't cut me off!!!"
  •  Getting your nose pierced in Barcelona hurts way less than in New york city
  • Therapists have legal boundaries that suck, dietitians don't
  • Friends make life worth living
  • When you are working in an office, it's best not to make jokes, even if you think they're funny, because your boss might not think so
  • Answering phones is actually way more intimidating than it seems

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