Thursday, October 28, 2010

this might be brief

^^^is that a semi-famous line from something? 
i don't make this shit up ;)
today has been a long day.
in rose language that means...
i haven't done any work and its already 10:30. 
i'm temped to say AH, so is life. so are thursdays.
But i think my procrastination is becoming a little bit of an issue.
i have a lot of pics that i want to show y'all ( i LOVE saying y'all. one of my past bffs was from Alabama and i thought it was adorable when she said it so i tried to be like her and now it just comes out naturally)
but my comp is being stupid and taking forever to load all of them and i'm just exhausted in general and already bored of myself. 
so happy it's almost friday.
this was when my five year old niece owned me at tic-tac-toe at the dinner table
this weekend should be good, maybe.
I have a halloween party on saturday. Thinking of being a greek goddess just so that I don't have to buy anything (bed-sheet toga tips, anyone?)
see that on the left? that gorgeous turquoise stone?!
That, my friends is a BIRTHDAY PREZ. :) Yep. Thanks, dear sis-in-law
Next week should be better than this week. Less painfully slow, at least.
Its my birthday on Tuesday and i'm going out to dinner on monday night (more on how that came about later) and out to tea on tuesday! (can i  hear a cheer for election day on my birthday/aka no school?!)
so yes. it shall be the big one-eight. 
apparently now i can rent my own port-o-potty if the desire strikes me.
i can also refuse to tell my mother whether or not I received my flu shot.

Heck yeah, adulthood!
um yeah no explanation 'cept boredom and i'm exhausted. the view
from my window is (usually) kinda cool, though
food was kind of iffy today. i ate A. LOT. OF. CARBS.
I guess thats what I get for being a bitchnizzle-idiot-pooper-scooper and restricting these past few days.
I feel like shit now. And so many thoughts are spinning in my head about getting weighed tomorrow and how i want to lose and the carbs and blahblahblah. but honestly, i'm tired now, and am not gonna think about it any more tonight
my mom and i made pizza bagels tonight...

Eat cheese. As much as you want. Mostly Mozzarella.

omnomnom  drool-ege right?

alright. time to go walk the dog. Then maybe i'll finally do some work and get some shut-eye.

doesn't this just look delicious?
(not my photo...i'll cite it later)

love you all. 
P.S. Are you doing anything fun for Halloween? Or just this weekend in general?
Also, tips for procrastination issues? Slash somebody just slap me? (jk...)


  1. Wow I've been doing the same thing lately! I have a ton of assignments to do and when I try to do them I'm like-blahhh and go on Facebook. The best thing for ending Procrastination is just to meditate or get rid of all the distractions and just do it. We'll be glad when we finally get it done(:

  2. The idea of pizza bagels seems wonderful to me. They've always been something that I want to make, but never do because we NEVER have bagels in this house. Seriously, I don't think I've seen a bagel on my counter for years... I know I could buy them, but I don't.

    Happy Birthday! That necklace (it is a necklace, right?) is amazing!!

  3. hey lovie,
    Happy almost birthday and YAY for election day falling on your 18th, that is perfect ;D! i know you will make this year of your life the best one yet! <3

    any way, i am really proud of you for making pizza bagels(which look delicious btw) with your mom, even if it was on the more stressful side for your ED, but it's good not to over think things too much as you said, you deserve a yummi pizza bagel and carbs.

    i really admire your honesty on your blog, you write so nicely and everything you say always sounds like i know you, well i met you for a sec. lol but you know.. ;P ?
    Love the Halloween costume idea!
    I have a fabulous Halloween and enjoy yourself :)

    i don't know what I'm being, i am thinking of just wearing clothes and things i have things i never get to wear, like this amaze free people sequin gold dress, (probs tights) my Marc Jacobs 4-5 inch plat form boots ;) and lots of jewelry, red lips, super back and idk...ahh lol ok ;P i have NO idea what that is, but i'll make it out like i am rather something> ;)

    sending you a giant hug,

  4. haha i love your eat cheese quote! Your so cute!!

    Dana xo

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm almost always a day late and a dollar short. :) Forgive me.

    I love carbs and can't live without reason to worry about eating them! And please do enjoy some pizza bagels for me - I can't eat bread, I can't eat cheese. Oh how I miss being young!

  6. haha i love your eat cheese quote! Your so cute!!

    Dana xo