Saturday, January 29, 2011

Save Sofia, Save Ourselves.

does anyone remember this lovely girl?

it's okay if you don't.
i forgive you. 
just go read my post: How to Save a Life
For those of you who weren't around or don't remember, this is Sofia.
Sofia has an eating disorder. 
She needs our help. 
Back in October, I asked you guys to check out her fundraising page because she was trying to raise money  to get into treatment. The same treatment facility that I trust because I, personally, was able to find a peaceful place to being my recovery there. 
Starting today, I'm doing a Momofuku giveaway (scroll to the bottom of this post for details), and begging you to donate.
You see, after she did some fundraising and after Sofia's father took out money from his savings, Sofia was able to go into treatment like we all were hoping she would. Phew.
But her insurance cut out super early again. Big Surprise there, right? 
She also is still in the appeals process. It's kind of a bummer. 
Sofia has worked so hard and come so far, even in the midst of her debilitating mental illness.
Here is some of Sofia's wisdom about recovery that I think you all deserve to hear:
                                             “it was then that I realized, my moment of clarity wasn’t 
 going to come. That moment in movies where the heavens part and the addict wakes up and realizes their illness is 
going to kill them and it scares them into changing their behavior. I mean I’ve had little moments like that. Where I saw the reality of my situation and it terrified me. I’ve had moments where I come out of it enough to realize the insanity of my behavior and the seriousness of my medical status and the very potentially fatal consequences of my actions…and this is part of why I realized that I needed to reach out and find a way to come up with this money, because I will die before I'm just startled  enough to just stop."

[she is implying here that she needs proper treatment, she understands that she can't do this on her own]

And you see, all of this is why Sofia inspires me. She's a fighter.
She sets off a spark in me. 
She makes me think of this quotation:
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
Nelson Mandela
I wouldn't ask you all to take a moment of your time, and possibly a cent  from your wallet if this didn't mean something. Sofia means something. I know it. 
But she's just one person, right?
What's the point of giving money to just one person?
You might be asking yourself this question. 
I know i did.
Here's the thing, though. While physically yes, Sofia is, in fact, just one person in this universe of ours, she means more than that. 
really, she does. 
Don't believe me?
I see myself Sofia. 
I also see you in Sofia.
Yes, you, you, the one  reading this right at this very moment. 
Sofia represents all of us when we are at the very bottom of our ropes. the end of the line. desperate. pleading. needy.
this, my friends, is not a fun place for anyone to be. But we've all been there. 
I have. I will again. 
You have. And you probably will again, too.
Your low and my low probably don't look the same. 
Maybe the last time you were at the end of your rope, it was because a loved one was sick. Or your dog was lost. Or maybe you lost a job, or a friend, or maybe you just spilled some coffee and stubbed your toe and just wanted a shoulder to cry on.

Was somebody there to help you up?
Really, think about it.
Or did you do fix it, get better, get well, become happier, yourself again all on your own?
Was it the smile of a kind stranger that knocked you back into reality? Or maybe a husbands' firm hug?
Whatever it was, I hope you were not alone. I hope that somebody helped you. I hope that that inspires you to help Sofia. Sofia is in all of us. We just need to see it. 
The question then is, really, will you help yourself?

here's the link to her fundraiser:

and one last quotation from Sofia:
                       "really don’t know what more I can do but be totally honest and be persistent…and not 
                       worry about what people think about this persistence [to raise money], because the 
                       persistence is for my life…I can tell you about my passion to help the world, I can tell you 
                       that I understand that I am just one person, no more or less important or special than the 
                       next, but that I also believe we are all worth saving."
with love and gratitude,
GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, AS THE TECHNICAL FUNDRAISING TIME IS OVER. If you still feel compelled to promote or donate please, by all means, go ahead. That would be what they might call noble. ;)


  1. I would be honored to donate! Just have to look at my checking account balance and see what is feasible for me. Will comment again when I donate. <3

  2. Ughh this is where my frustration at my age comes in. I have no way of donating, but I am doing what I can; which is donating my hope and love and support to this lovely girl, and to all the other sufferers out there.
    I'm so sorry I can't give to this amazing cause.
    But I truly admire what you're doing. it's increcibly selfless and admirable. <3


  3. thanks, Gen! so understood :)
    p.s.- if you still want to enter the giveaway, i changed the rules so you could just tweet/facebook/email it around if you wanted, no donation necessary!
    happy sunday!

  4. Rose, I can't donate because I don't have a credit card. :-( I tried using my debit card like 5 times, but it won't accept it. I will spread the word as much as I can, though! This post was beautifully written, by the way- you are right that Sofia is in all of us. Best wishes to Sofia in her recovery- she deserves the best in life free of ED, as do all of us!

  5. I am going to try and donate but must first talk to my mom. (The one with the credit card). In the mean time I tweeted to get the word out a bit.!/happy_haylee_3/status/37754355876769792

    also on facebook: