Wednesday, January 5, 2011


things i love. (in no particular order.)

french fries. 
i mean, who doesn't love the feel of a spicy, crispy, fried stick o' salted potato on their tongue? 
i especially love that i can eat a few with friends, and now can be spared the fear of instantly gaining ten pounds and don't have to order a bucket- load of guilt and self-loathing on the side. 

love, mom.
i loved chuckling at this note my mom left me yesterday, because she got so crazed and stressed before she had to run off to dinner that she felt the need to remind me six times to please walk the dog (i received an email and a few text messages too, mind you.)

eating pb& j (well actually almond butter and jam, but who's asking?) for dinner. well, with a side of chocolate, duh.

 clothing that pretends it belongs it the army. 

(recipe at bottom)
i decided to write a post about some things that i love. i've said this before, but i love a lot of things.
my inspiration for this post was more so that i've been having a kind of hard week, getting back into school and all, and i wanted to remind myself of all the things that are still great in my life. 
I've been having a lot of anxiety lately, and today my therapist asked me what things do i do (healthy things, of course) that can help me relieve my anxiety. The main thing i  thought of was blogging.
i freaking love blogging. I loved doing my last post (written mainly by Amanda, of course) on friendship and eating disorders, and i loved hearing all the feedback on it. I so enjoy getting into conversations with people about topics that we have in common like this, and where else would i be able to hear strangers' stories, or take their words of advice?

and, i've said this before i think, but i want to help people. i love getting questions from readers or people who stumbled on my blog about recovery and the likes. it makes me so thrilled when people reach out, as if they are taking a step towards recovery, and i love being a part of that.

Now, call me nosy, but i adore reading other blogs. I mean how much fun is it to live, eat OIAJgo to foodbuzz, run a marathon or practice yoga and a million other things (vicariously* ;) ) all in one day?!
it's pretty amazing, i'd say.
All of this, and feeling supported and like there are other people who i genuinely like, or who i "get" who "get" me out in the world, is the thing that keeps me the most sane, even on my crazy days.
and i'm so grateful for that.
hope you all are having a good week!

Not your Papas' Campfire S'mores 
(recipe adapted from Sprinkles of Parsley)
you will need:
15 (about 8oz?)graham crackers
11/3 Cup butter 
chocolate chips(i used plain-old semi-sweet Nestle, but any kind would be fine)
preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
put all the graham crackers in a plastic bag (or two). mash them up using the bottom side of a measuring cup (or something else, idk) until all that's left are crumbs
add butter and mix until it's evenly distributed
spread in 8X8 baking pan, sprayed with non-stick spray. (line the pan with a sheet or two of tin foil that is also sprayed on the top, so you can transfer the s'mores and then get them off the foil w/o trouble!)
dump on the choc chips and then marshmallows! stick in the oven for 20 minutes. 
voila! instant campfire. now anyone know any good folk songs we can sing? :)


  1. I totally get this, Rose. I feel the same way... which almost makes me sad because I'm currently on a little 'bloggie break'. I guess it's still positive though, because I know that blogging is a big enough passion for me that I will come back to it at some point. This past week has been crazy for me.. and I've been itching to blog but I'm trying to just coast and figure out how I feel about everything first :P

    I'm so glad that you love blogging as much as you do... I absolutely adore your blog and I'm so glad we've met. I really do think that you can make some of the best friends online, because people seem to be so much more honest and real behind the computer screen. (Okay, maybe not the few forty year olds who are pretending to be thirteen year old girls... but you get it :P)
    Missing you!

  2. jen/littlelovelife/ellenJanuary 5, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    oh my goodness the smores look orgasmic. and i had a chuckle at your mom's note as well :P:P

  3. Ummm, and now I think I need to add those S'mores to my list of things I love!!!! Those have to be to die for!

    blogging keeps me sane (or helps) too for all the same reasons. good for you!

    I actually LOVE to go to the army/navy surpluss store and buy clothes....and I wear them all over the place. Coolest thing ever.
    Happy Wednesday

  4. Can you believe I had french fries for the first time this week in about 5 years? I am not kidding! It wasn't intentional, I think I just forgot how delicious they are...

    I'm so glad you shared your favorite know my most favorite thing is NYC (not really a thing but you know...). I should probably say my child but then I'd be lying. :)

    The smores look delicious! I must try one! I've never had one before, can you believe it?

  5. Aw...I'm freaking grateful for you too, Rose. You're such joy to the blogging world with your inspirational and thoughtful words and spunk.
    I used to eat 2 supersize McD french fries per day. Yes, per day. With like a gallon of ketchup. This was pre-ED, of course. Now I've waned off my obsession with it, but I would never say no to sweet potato fries.

    Hee hee, your mom must really really love the dog! ;-)

  6. this post makes me so happy and I really love a lot of the same things that you love.

    and eating a few french fries without fear is one of the best feelings (and mouth experiences) in the world. today I ate vegetarian poutine - a canadian extravagance of french fries topped with gravy and cheese. totally worth it.

  7. "It makes me so thrilled when people reach out, as if they are taking a step towards recovery, and i love being a part of that." Aww!! Rose, you're such a sweetheart!
    And the smores look quite scrumptious. I'm craving one right now as I write :P

  8. thanks, sophia- i'm glad it's a mutual gratitude :)
    and uh yeah.. sweet potato fries pretty much bring the amazingness of normal fries to a whole other level.
    ha -my mom's main concern is usually to make sure he doesn't pee on the carpet more than once a day.

  9. thanks, andy! :)

  10. I love your Mom.

    I love your blog.

    I love how you take what you're going through and use your writing and blog to hash it out.

    That's what I's such a release! I had a bad day once and I what? Suddenly I said "today I will figure out things to do when I am feeling low" and I took my stupid camera along and shtuff like that (I like children's books so I like illustrations) and I just COGNATED the whole thing.

    I could probably keep us up for hours with folk songs to sing.... but I won't.

  11. Thank you for this! what a great reminder that we can have things we enjoy and they won't kill us... I, like you, love lots of different foods, in fact all the above are some of my favs, but in the past I haven't allowed myself to embrace them for fear I'd get out of control because I do know how much I enjoy them. Denying myself things I know I love only makes the obsessing and desire for them stronger. Once I satisfy the craving the anxiety, fear, ect subsides... it's not near as scary as I make it out to be. Also, we deserve to have what sounds good.. in the past I have often felt week for allowing myself to have something sweet or not healthy, but that is JUST A LIE!

    I needed to read this because I have been struggling with allowing myself to have what I want rather that what I feel safe having... its that whole thing of labeling food as good or bad. All food is good, it is a gift from God... its just important to practice balance, variety and moderation in all that I eat!