Monday, June 14, 2010


So a friend pointed out to me this weekend that i tend to be pretty vague on here.
I guess i didn't really realize it but looking back, i see that.
Well, just for clarification (and celebration!) Saturday was my One-hundred and fifty day mark of being eating disorder (symptom) free! Woohoo!
No bingeing, purging or restricting for five months! YAY.

In other news, I just got the internship i applied for, at a small film production company downtown. That is nice, so i will have something to fill my time during the day when I'm done with my day program soon :)

I had a wonderful day yesterday, and it really felt like a milestone. Sundays always, ALWAYS were a binge/purge day for me. It was the last day of the weekend, when i felt guilty and anxious about not doing any homework. It was usually a day when i had the house to myself (sans parents, who usu. were out doing their own things all day) so i had free roam between my bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom.
I could take my time, buy my groceries and spend the whole day running back and forth between the kitchen cabinets, the toilet bowl and the scale.
Sounds lovely, eh?
Well what was ACTUALLY lovely was yesterday- i went to the Met with my friend M and saw the American Women exhibit which was beautiful! Then we had lunch at the Met and I had pretty delicious (although slightly burned) French Toast. Then i spent three hours in Barnes and Noble reading the entire Psychology section in the corner and scowling at all the mean B&N staff who kept on trying to find ways to get me out of there.
It was such a nice day! And no bingeing and purging-- i didn't even want to :)
Then i painted last night before i went to sleep which was awesome cause i've been meaning to get back to my painting for a month now so i actually feel really accomplished (although i'm far from the next Picasso).
Anyway, this weekend was pretty decent and so I thought i'd share about that so I can record BOTH the highs and the lows, because i seem to be having a kind of roller-coaster of both recently.
Gotta go make dinner (Pesto pasta with tofu and asparagus)


  1. Wowowow 150 days. I'm so proud of you!
    I'm glad your weekend was great :)

  2. Wowowow 150 days. I'm so proud of you!
    I'm glad your weekend was great :)