Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a pictures is worth...some jumbled words.

after my (only week-long) blogging hiatus, i've decided to share with y'all a few of the things that are attracting my vacation-drugged brain at the moment, in the form of photographs.
enjoy. that is all. 

1. (Deerlings.) look at that warm pink belly. doesn't that picture just make you melt, even for all those non-dog-droolers out there? i'm kinda (gasp!) missing my (psycho) puppy while on vacation. this picture of canine cuteness ain't helpin'.  2. (again) loving the Virgin Suicides. What i'm loving most about it, i have to admit, is the fact that it's actually getting read by moi. i'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the last time i actually finished a novel was in 2008. I used to love reading. somehow i lost my ability to get through a book along with my ability to think normally about food. perhaps they're re-appearing together? 3. (With Love From Angelica) shoes. pretty pink and dainty. what more could a girl want? [I mean...besides freedom, equality, an education, love, satisfacton...ya know all that feminist shiz ;) ] 
4. (Pruginko) snow is always pretty. it's especially beautiful when you're not near any of it.
5. (and again) white clothes are also pretty. and unnecessary in the winter. but who cares? I really need to go shopping. More on that and my lovely body image issues at a later date. 
6. (the little honey bear) i've been eating lots of white-flour, enriched, unhealthy, delicious toast in these past couple of days. And enjoying every un-grainy bite. You should try it sometime.  
7. (What katie ate) <--- i'm obsessed with this blog. (among. many. many. others. ) food, clothes, landscape, designs, all hiding in lovely little nooks and crannies of the interent waiting to be exhaustedly perused by moi. who created a site like etsy just for me to oogle at all the things that i don't need? ah, some glorious fricken genius, thats who 8. (booooooom) old fashioned camera. almost as cool as old fashioned photographs themselves. sick. 9. (Joy the baker) who doesn't want to eat about sixteen hundred of those pepper jack scones? I don't even like savory breakfast pastries and i want them. and pretty much everything else that involves dough and a baking oven. 

ta-ta for now! off to enjoy the sunshine :)


  1. your positive attitude is def pretty contagious. it makes me smile :)


  2. I read the Virgin Suicides about a year ago and really enjoyed it! Apparently there's a movie as well, but I haven't seen it yet.

    I also adore Joy the Baker! Everything she makes looks fantastic, including these scones!

  3. Gorgeous photos are so talented! I love how you bring a vintage look to your blog, and you make it seem so effortless.

    I love the pretty pink shoes...and the scones! And white clothes are a must all year long.

    Happy Holidays Rose...I hope you have a great and well-deserved vacation!

  4. You are one in a million Rose :) I love this!
    .. I agree, if that first one doesn't make a non-dog lover melt, there's obviously something wrong. And I love the picture of the eggs, because I'm kind of obsessed with them right now.

  5. I love posts like this- don't apologize for the randomness :)
    Cute blog, I can't wait to see what's next.