Friday, December 24, 2010

sugar cookie christmas

Rapid -fire post this morning before I’m off to run errands with the momma!
Got home from vacation last night- had an amaaaaaazing time

Found and quickly snatched up this little gem at TJ’s the other day-(only 4.99!)

Can’t decide whether I’m going to make these or Cindy/Ameena’s Magic Bars…which seem outrageously appealing, especially for a gluten-free product ;)

I reunited with my baby I mean my camera this morning and was played around a bit in the kitchen.

Gave Willy some peanut butter but it accidentally got on his head/nose…he couldn’t seem to figure out why his face smelled so amazing but he couldn't find any food?!
Tested out our ancient Christmas Carol VHS (wow- that term is going to be antiquated very, very soon) to make sure it was still working.

Now off to shop for all our lovely necessities for our (jewish, two-person) Christmas Eve dinner.
We're going all-out tonight and taking on quite a challenge for two novice cooks (well, i mean...if you can even call my mom a novice- more like one non-cook & one novice-ha sorry, mom, i love you!)

i'll most likely be back to show you either our beautiful foodie creation or a lovely kitchen disaster.
hope all who celebrate have a good christmas -eve- day!


  1. Hi Rose!

    I had no idea you saw those magic bars. You need to make them if you want a sugar coma.

    I made those for Ameena because she won a knitted scarf I was giving away and I made her some cookies (bars) to go with it, but she is gluten free.

    MAKE EM!!!!

    have fun shopping and enjoy your Christmas.

    I love photography! I am currently trying to get my hands on a better camera!

  2. Cindy's Magic Bars are really phenomenal...definitely make them Rose!

    I'm kind of envious of your easy, low-key Christmas with just you and your mom. I am a bit tense about hosting 12 people cooking skills aren't exactly up to snuff. Just trying to roll with it! And hope for the best.

    Happy Holidays Rose! I hope you have a fabulous time with your mom and the rest of your family.

    PS - your confession was awesome. I'd do the same with the Tory shoes! If only my foot wasn't so big. :)