Saturday, January 15, 2011

tomato soup for the sad soul

pretty much immediately after i finished writing this whinge of a post, i forayed into the kitchen to make me some tomato soup.
i was trying to make a variation on Holly's recipe but since i was lazy/lacking major ingredients, i improvised (or tried to, at least).

here's some 7-grain bread.
it's kinda old. Or actually, i don't know how old it is, but i'm assuming it's old because i don't remember when it first appeared in our breadbox.
The past few meals i've kind of been scrounging around for different kinds of grains to use, because i'm weird about bread and really only like it if it's super fresh. But when i found holly's recipe i realized it was perfect because i could use this and make it into croutons to get some lovely starchies. score.
that was a long story about the bread.
 i cut it into cubes. 

then while trying to prepare the breadcubes i managed to spill peppercorn all over the place. willy tried to eat some and got what he deserved ;)

okay- here comes the really messy part. 
I tried to improvise tomato soup. 
i took out some pizza sauce (um?) and tomato puree,  poured it into a pot, and hoped for the best.

while that disaster was brewing, this happened: 
actual yum.
let's just say that the above tomato concoction didn't work out. i'll spare you the description of the taste/texture.
called in for some backup.

i am, always have been, and now i guess always will be a campbells girl. 
oh well.
tried to be creative anyway. added a few drops of these two:

here's what resulted.

let's just say this totally cheered me up.
(don't tell my ego that the phone call from my therapist also helped.)
really, SHH!
tomato soup from the sad soul (name and recipe adapted from Holly's recipe ;) )
1 Can Tomato Soup 
(or, if your cooler than I am, go ahead- make your own, I won't hold it against you- maybe.)
If using tomato soup add 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup of moo milk (i used 1%)<---the addition of milk is awesome, i swear. 
Heat all over stovetop, stirring occasionally.
add tabasco + hot onion sauce (or any other kind of flavorings) as desired 
preheat oven to 350F
cut up some bread that you dont' want to eat alone (or just any regular bread, ya know) into cubes
toss w/Extra Virgin Olive Oil (look guys, I spelled it out! None of this EVOO-crap on THIS blog!) ;)
add garlic powder, salt + pepper as desired
stick on baking sheet for two mintues, take out and sprinkle cheese on top. stick in oven for two more minutes. remove sheet from oven, turn croutons for even browning, and bake for two more minutes.

voila! no more sadness, right? (seek professional help if this doesn't suffice. i won't tell , promise).


  1. jen/littlelovelife/ellenJanuary 15, 2011 at 10:13 AM

    the bread looks really doughy actually :P xox

  2. Yummmmay :) That looks so good! I've actually never made soup with the whole bread/cheese topping but I always think it looks so professional and gourmet ! Soup is definitely one of my biggest comfort foods... especially homemade turkey :)

  3. haha. no more sadness! Good attitude. The soup looks really good- professional even!

    stay strong! :)


  4. Hahahahaha I will forever remember this as the Tomato Soup approach to solve all of my heart's woes!

    It looks like you did a yummy job at improvising :)

  5. WOW - great recipe, girl!
    Mouth-watering, really :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Aint know way to screw up improvised soup, in my opinion....I once sprinkled cinnamon rather than cayenne in mine and wanna know what? Totally fine.

    Soup for the soul.
    Starchies for the soul.


  7. This looks and sounds perfect for a chilly afternoon! Now I need to go find some breadcrubms to bake up.


  8. That looks wonderful for a cold, windy day! hope the sadness has gone away :) (or at least gotten a little better!)

  9. jen/littlelovelife/ellenJanuary 19, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    oh and im giving you the style blogger award which i received, im sure you've been given it/received it but i love your bloggie and you and thank you for commenting on mine xoxox love jen